Masonry and Tuckpointing

Masonry and Tuckpointing

We can help restore your exteriors from the effects of severe weather, ground and building movement, or other environmental factors. Depending on the size and scope, we perform spot, 100 percent, or full-grind tuckpointing services to create stunning exteriors and to help match your building restoration goals.

Masonry Work from American Restoration Group

Are you worried about the condition of the masonry on your home? Whether you are noticing interior or exterior deterioration, it is essential to get it assessed and repaired. American Restoration Group is a family-owned business that offers masonry work to homeowners. With repairs to correct the masonry issues on your home, you can save money in future repairs, prevent major issues, and keep your family safe. Homeowners deserve to rest easy knowing their home is safe, warm, and comfortable.

Cracked masonry can worsen when not treated properly. Reach out to American Restoration Group is you are looking for quality repairs that will stabilize your home.

Signs You Need Masonry Work Done

Whether it comes down a repair or replacement of your masonry, there are a few visible signs which indicate it is time for some work on your home. In a place like Illinois, a small crack in your concrete or brick can bring in water, which freezes, and expands within your mason work. These include:

  • Noticing holes in your bricks or concrete blocks
  • Cracking in your concrete or brick on your home’s interior or exterior
  • Unevenness in your floors
  • Visible water damage on your structure
  • Cracking in the slabs or your driveway or basement floor
  • Trouble closing the doors of your home

If you notice these signs, you need a masonry contractor to determine if your home needs repairs. Without repair to your mortar, moisture gets between the stone or brick masonry and makes the problem even worse. This is where American Restoration Group can help!

Brickwork from Our Family-Owned Business

Does your mortar need a facelift? One of our most commonly performed masonry projects is brickwork, also called tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is simply when you take out the old mortar between your bricks to a certain depth and fill it with fresh mortar. It refreshes the look of your structure while also making it more stable.

There are three types of tuckpointing, these are spot, 100 percent, and full-grind. Our honest contractors are qualified in making recommendations concerning the damage you have. We make every effort to meet project deadlines while working meticulously on your structure. Depending on the severity of your damage, American Restoration Grip will recommend a refresh to certain areas of your home.

Chimney Repair Prevents Costly Replacement

Can’t remember the last time you had your chimney looked at? You see your home each day but do not notice the condition of your chimney. From a total rebuild to a simple tuckpointing repair, getting your chimney with masonry work can actually prevent major problems. If you ignore your chimney problems you might find yourself with major damage to your roof before you know it.

It is to be expected that an aging chimney will need repair. Schedule an assessment of your structure and our team will correct any issues we uncover.

Masonry Work for New Construction Projects

Adding a touch of elegance to your home is easy with the right masonry work. Whether you stick with brick or stonework, American Restoration Group is able to assist. We’ve worked on everything from accent walls to fireplaces. If you have an idea you are considering or you already have a complete plan but need an expert, reach out to our masonry team.

Building an addition to your existing home? Our contractors are also able to work on smaller projects like room additions. We are able to match your existing masonry in appearance so your structure looks built during the same time period.


Limestone Repair for Aging Homes

Typically, limestone is found in some of the older, more historical homes in the area. We are committed to preserving the historical value of your structure. Limestone is delicate, susceptible to damage, and simply beautiful. Trust us to improve the integrity of your existing limestone and extending the lifetime of your façade.

Other Masonry Services Offered by Our Dependable Team

Every structure is different, especially if a home is older. Our team has uncovered a full range of materials and issues throughout our three generations in masonry work. Because of this, we are experienced in solving the most difficult of problems. Other masonry services performed by our pros include: 

  • Sealing or caulking vulnerable places: An aging home also causes issues with the seals and caulking around your windows and doors. Our team follows up with proper sealing and caulking on all masonry services to keep your structure dry. If ignored, you’ll only get moisture in the walls again.
  • Lintel work: A lintel goes above your windows or doors to keep your structure stable and provide support. As your home ages, it is possible your lintel can rust. We can replace lintels. It is common for window leaks to cause rusting which then leaves your home less stable. Don’t hesitate to call.
  • Opening new windows and doors: We are able to create a new window or door in your home while keeping your structure table. Our team can help make the opening for you while still preserving the look of your masonry. Not every pro knows how to work with masonry so don’t let your standard door or window contractor complete this work.
  • Closing a window or door: Improve the look of your home if you are tired of staring at an ugly, outdated window or door. Our specialists are professionals at matching the look of your existing masonry. When the project is done it will blend in the rest of your structure.

Contact Our Team Today

Our family-owned business is in its third generation of ownership. We are proud to work for members of our community. American Restoration Group offers unmatched craftsmanship from licensed and certified contractors that take integrity in their work. The team is committed to meeting project deadlines on time, while focusing on safety and dependable service. We treat every house like it is our own! Schedule an appointment with American Restoration Group today for an assessment of your home.

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