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Disaster Restoration

Insurance claim assistance

Spring is an exciting time. Unfortunately, springtime also means thunderstorms, basement floods, high winds, tornados, golf ball sized hail, and even fires. 

Whether a storm causes a flood, or hail rains down, ARGI is the primary source of protection for your home and all of its contents. Often times, a house can be severely damaged and its integrity compromised without visual evidence.

Call ARGI for a no cost, no obligation inspection and one of our highly trained  representatives will let you know if you have a problem that needs to be addressed.

Your representative will lead you through the claims process from start to finish. We can help make the call, set up an inspection with your insurance company’s  adjuster, meet with them on your behalf to insure a fair settlement using the same software that the insurance adjusters are using- Xactimate and then complete the work for the proceeds provided by your carrier. This guarantees a low stress, hassle free transaction that ends with top notch workmanship and a great warranty from a company you trust ARGI!

Maybe you have already filed a claim, and your adjuster either denied it or only paid for a partial repair. Do not let this happen to you!  Damage is usually very consistent by area. Even If you were denied in the past and used a different contractor, we can still help!

Once the settlement is made and the work is done, you will be able to rest assured that you were treated fairly by your carrier and that ARGI has done top quality work with a warranty.






  1. Contact the claims office of your Insurance Company and report that you may have hail and wind damage to your home.
  2. Once you have reported to your Insurance Company, contact your Field Representative with the claim number.
  3. The Insurance Company will contact you with the date and time the adjuster will be coming out to inspect your home.  Contact your Field Representative with this information.  To protect your best interests, we need to meet with your Adjuster and come to an agreement on the full scope of the damage to your home.
  4. After meeting with your Insurance adjuster, your Field Representative will contact you on what work the Insurance Company will cover on your home and a time to select colors to be used to your home.
  5. Once you have selected your colors, your Field Representative will schedule your project for production and within two weeks your project should be started. (weather permitting)
  6. Upon completion of your project, our Inspector will examine the completed work and pick up any left over materials.
  7. At some point throughout this process your Insurance Company will send out the adjuster’s summary and the first of two checks.  When you receive this, contact your Field Representative and arrange a time to have this picked up.
  8. After we receive the Insurance paperwork and your project is deemed complete, both you and your Insurance Company will receive a final invoice.  When you receive the second and final check from the Insurance Company, the remainder of the invoice is due.