Our experience with masonry reaches back through generations, and so does our love for the craft, its materials and the outstanding beauty of masonry work done right. Our masonry experience in the Chicagoland area is as extensive as it is unique. Whether you’re looking for masonry repair on deteriorating mortar, or interested in installing masonry to add a touch of elegance to a new construction project; American Restoration’s three generations of masonry craftsmen have done and seen it all.

Solid, sealed masonry is as visually appealing as it is safe and stabilizing for your home. As your home ages, Chicagoland’s fluctuating weather and environmental factors will result in natural wear and tear. This causes cracks in your mortar or bricks, leading to structural issues in your home over time. If left untreated, these issues can decrease your home’s value and create an increasingly uncomfortable living situation.



You’ll need tuck pointing if water has worked its way between bricks and began to erode the mortar.  It’s best to do this job at the earliest signs of erosion to avoid further damage. Our experts know how to do the repairs that enhance both the strength and beauty of your brickwork.

What is Tuckpointing? 

Good Question! One of our most commonly performed masonry projects is tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is when you take out the old mortar between your bricks to a certain depth and fill it with fresh mortar; refreshing and stabilizing the structure.

There are three types of tuckpointing, these are spot, 100 percent, and full-grind. Our experienced team will assess your home and, depending on the severity, determine which will suit your unique needs best.


Limestone and other stone surfaces are breathtaking to behold but they’re vulnerable too. They do best when any wear or damage issues are addressed as quickly as possible.We have decades of experience with limestone and other natural stone materials.

Not sure if you need masonry repair? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

– Are you noticing holes in your bricks or concrete blocks?

– Is there cracking in your concrete or brick on your home’s interior or exterior?

– Have you noticed any uneven concrete surfaces

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it is time for some tuckpointing.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

David Sansone

ARGI Client

Last Spring, 2019 there was a terrible storm that left hail damage. The team at AR Group, Matt, Peter, and David did a great job through the entire process. They made every effort to give us the end product we were desiring. My wife and I would highly recommend Matt, Peter, and David!

Donna Ruyter

ARGI Client

I recently had quite a bit of work done on my house. I had two layers of roof torn off, one bad spot on the roof fixed, a new roof put on, new gutters, gutter guards and downspouts, new siding and soffit facia done. American Restoration’s team and crew is the best. All of my questions were answered. They were always professional, no surprises and the work they do is top notch. My house looks amazing and I’d like to thank American Restoration’s for everything. I highly recommend this company! I give this company 10 stars.

Gina Lolabrigada

ARGI Client

David was our guy! He helped us though the whole process, was professional and on point with everything. Roofing was done beautifully and timely. Clean up was great. No complaints! Highly recommended!

Sarah Raby

ARGI Client

David and the team at American Restoration Group were great. Our homeowners insurance referred them to us after some terrible hail damage and they were prompt and organized and moved the mult-step process along very smoothly and without any delays.

Alisa Mac

ARGI Client

We had a lot of hail damage from a storm and were in desperate need of roof, siding and gutter replacement. We had a professional sales rep David that helped us through the whole process. Him and his team worked tirelessly with our insurance company to get everything handled in a timely fashion. His team was meticulous with clean up and our house looks fantastic. We couldn't be happier. Thank you American Restoration!!

Lee Leonard

ARGI Client

Thanks to David, Matthew and Curtis for their countless trips to our house to make sure everything went well. All In all the project went well. Roof replacement, siding repair and gutters. Thank you all for a job well done! I will reccomend American Restoration to anyone who needs home repairs. Great work.

Rita Johnson

ARGI Client

Our previous roofer did a terrible job, so reviews for roofers meant a lot. I was so impressed with the quality of our roof. We worked a lot with David who was amazing--so quick to respond. Our antenna got damaged, though, and I couldn't believe the customer care! Peter, the owner, personally came and we received the best customer service!!!!! Such integrity!!!!

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